Enhancing the lives of children from birth through Kindergarten

Savvy Parents Safe Kids Workshop on October 11th!

Mark your calendars:

Tuesday October 11th, 2016
7pm-9pm Mercer Island Country Club

A Savvy Parents Safe Kids Workshop is coming to the Mercer Island Preschool Association!

This workshop is about child safety topics such as:

  • Sleepovers & Play dates
  • The Fab 5 questions parents need to be asking!
  • Teaching children about body safety
  • What safety tools work and which ones don’t?
  • Teaching safety at home
  • The Super 10 Rules for Safety
  • Red Flags and Warning signs
  • Prevention tips to keep kids safe
  • Introduction to smartphones and the internet

We all want to keep our kids safe… by bringing this dynamic workshop to your Mercer Island parent community, families will learn how to use our essential and easy tips and tools. We help you make safety fun; we help you get the conversation started. It’s not scary and it’s not hard. Together lets work to keep your kids safer, both at home and out in their world!

No graphic conversations. No scare tactics.

Contact Jill Goetz – Jill@SavvyParentsSafeKids.com or

Learn more at SavvyParentsSafeKids.com

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