Enhancing the lives of children from birth through Kindergarten

Announcing Grandparents for MIPA!


Beloved Island native, Nancy Stewart, is excited to be launching a new a piece of Sing With Our Kids!


Nancy writes:

The Mercer Island Preschool Association is an amazing non-profit started in 1937, and “dedicated to enhancing the lives of children from newborn through kindergarten in Mercer Island and the community at large.” I was on the board when my children were young, and know firsthand the incredible value of their work. With the growing number of grandparents helping to care for their grandchildren, but having no real support system, this seemed to me a natural way to combine forces for mutual benefit. Though the focus will be on community singing, we grandparents can establish a network to support each other while supporting this volunteer-run organization. Here are a few examples of what we can do:
* Create a network for shared resources such as books, cribs and other baby supplies, and toys (do you need something for visiting grandchildren?)
* Volunteer to help out with MIPA events such as Circus
* Create play and sing groups for multi-generational singing
* Have crafting sessions where we can make and take simple instruments and photo book songs to sing for our grandchildren (like the fun projects from Sing With Our Kids) DIY Photo Books to read and sing
* Learn how to use free apps to make photo story and record our voices reading and singing
* Create community songbook to share with our grand-kids

The possibilities are endless! Contact me for more information, and come to the Grandparents for Mipa launch meeting at the Mercer Island Library, on Wednesday, April 18th, at 6PM.


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