Enhancing the lives of children from birth through Kindergarten

About Us

FamilyThe Mercer Island Preschool Association was founded in 1937. Though times have changed since then, the guiding principles of MIPA remain the same – strong commitment to the education and well-being of children from birth through kindergarten on Mercer Island and the surrounding communities.

We are a preschool PTA

MIPA is proud to be the first, only, and model PTA of preschool parents in Washington State. A PTA (parent-teacher association) is a child-advocacy volunteer association bringing together parents and teachers toward enhancing the education and lives of children. To learn more about PTAs, we recommend reading “The PTA – More than Bake Sales” here: http://www.scholastic.com/resources/article/the-pta-more-than-bake-sales

We foster community

MIPA holds several events each year designed exclusively for families of preschool-aged children, including a Summer Concert at Mercerdale Park, Toy Swap, Preschool Fair and MIPA’s beloved Circus! We also organize playgroups, park meet-ups, a book club, and adult and family socials throughout the year.

We fund preschool scholarships

MIPA donates approximately $11,000 to the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services organization every year to provide preschool scholarships to families in need on Mercer Island.

We build local playgrounds

Through fundraising efforts, MIPA partners with the City of Mercer Island to build and improve playgrounds throughout Mercer Island. Projects have included new play structures at Deane’s Children’s Park (Dragon Park), Mercerdale Park (Train Park), and Luther Burbank Park. We have also provided funding toward Mercer Island’s Adventure Playground, Funmobile, and various family programs through the City of Mercer Island.




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