Enhancing the lives of children from birth through Kindergarten

Meet the MIPA Board

MIPA EC & Board 2017-2018

Executive Committee

Michele Agosti, email
Mallory Lundell, email

Membership, Vice Presidents
Erin Erickson, email
Laura Schaps, email

Community Events, Vice Presidents
Selena Famularo, email

Advocacy, Vice Presidents
Nicole Nelson, email

Preschools, Vice Presidents
Karina Bickel, email
Sharon Walia, email

Communications, Vice Presidents
Lauren Milkie, email

Ashley Hay, email

Traci Granbois, email
Laura Oberto, email

Emily Ackley, email
Emily Vavrichek, email

Adult & Family Socials Chair
Kristin Rahlfs, email



Toy Swap Chairs

Stephanie Beers, email
Mallory Lundell, email

Preschool Fair Chair

Gwynna Norman, email
Melissa Hay, email

Circus Chairs

Open Position


Publicity Chairs

Open Position

Open Position

MEMBER OUTREACH                      

Playgroup and Book Club Coordinator                                                                                                                                        Sarah Siler, email


Exceptional Educator Chair
Jessica Apodaca, email


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